Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Grandma and Grandpa , as well as Uncle SuperZero came for Thanksgiving this year. Here we are gathered around the feast.
Because Grandma insisted, we all had the pleasure of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Unfortunately, Gabby and Claire loved it too and here they all are doing their best at following along with the Rockettes' moves.
And the best part of Thanksgiving Day.... the unavoidable turkey induced slumber that follows.

Here is Uncle SuperZero and the kids playing a game of Hullabaloo. Uncle SuperZero won and got to do a Funky Monkey Victory Dance.

November Birthdays

Claire celebrated her 2nd Birthday and was very excited about the idea of opening presents, especially after watching her big sister doing so a couple of weeks earlier.

What kid isn't excited and happy on her birthday.

Both kids got slippers for their birthdays, Gabby got dolphin slipper and Claire got what she calls "Shamboo" slippers.

Claire's birthday cake with a Dora the Explorer candle.

Since Lisa's birthday this year was on Thanksgiving day, we celebrated with a candle on top of a piece of pumpkin pie. Yes, it is the same Dora the Explorer candle from Belle's birthday, so not only did Tim not have to worry about making a Birthday cake, but he didn't have to worry about finding a separate candle either.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our New Home

We've settled into our new home and are very happy to be back out West. It's so nice to be near family again, knowing that we'll be able to see them more often.


After a rocky start, Gabby is finally feeling at home in her new surroundings and constantly reminds us of how much more grown up and brave she is now that she's had her birthday. She is all girl and all pink. Right now she loves dolphins and both of her dolphin stuffed animals are pink. Her imaginary horse (Princess) is pink. Most of her clothes are pink. And we have yet to see her refuse any type of food or beverage that is pink. A couple of weeks ago, she chose a blue tutu instead of pink at ballet class and I thought she must be getting ill, but she seemed fine. I assume she felt that it was OK to add a splash of color since her leotard, tights, slippers and hair elastic were all pink.


We've been quite amused lately watching Belle's personality take shape. She loves her big sister and loves to imitate Gabby. Meaning, she loves to be fancy and pretty and dance and sing her way through life. However, her dances usually end with her jumping off of the couch or trying to stand on her head and falling not-so-gracefully to the floor. So Gabby teaches Claire grace, sensitivity, and femininity, and in turn, Claire teaches Gabby to run away when Mom calls and how to do the latest W.W.F. wrestling moves.


Tim has been busy with work and with trying to find time to play golf. Baseball season ended great, but the excitement only grew after the World Series with the Dodgers signing Joe Torre, Donny Baseball, and more to come (but not A-Rod). Tim spends most evenings laying on the ground and letting the kiddos "Hop on Pop."


Lisa is adjusting well to living back in the West. After a brutally hot summer, that was surprisingly not as bad as expected, she is thoroughly enjoying the nice autumn weather (highs of only the upper 70's). Lisa has joined a local choir which provides her with at least one night a week of adult interaction. After losing her beautiful and fruitful garden in the South, Lisa is anxious to figure out what can grow in this area, but so far the only thing that's growing is her belly.


So far, all that little Belly is doing is making Lisa very tired and a little nauseous. Belly is now 9 weeks old, with a 'due date' of June 10th, 2008.