Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Don't tempt them like that, Grams, lying there so peaceful and content...

Dogpile! Ah, feel the love...crushing you.

Now as you browse through the next few action shots I took of everyone waiting for the Thanksgiving meal to be ready, you'll probably understand why kids are skinny and adults are usually fighting to stay in or regain their youthful weight.
Torturing the cat...
Running around...

and around...

Pausing only long enough to spot the cat...

Sitting and chatting...

Waiting for the food...

And waiting...

And waiting...

Where's the turkey?

And finally a few more photos of the little guys...
Come on, Abel, smile for us! I have photo after photo of shots looking similar to this.

Twenty-five photos later, Calvin takes matters into his own hands. "Listen here, Abel, they're gonna sit here flashing that shiny thing at us until you cooperate. Would you just smile for them so we can get this out of the way and get back to slobbering on our toys?"

There we go! Too bad you can't see any of the cute clothes they wear. What is it with boys and slobber and spit up? I can't keep Cal dry, something's always coming out of his mouth.

Another "Great" Visit

I do wish I were closer. Here we are with my namesake - Grandma Loraine.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Harses, Harses, Harses...

Auntie Mandee took us to her sister's house to visit the horses. The girls got to brush them and feed them. Next time, maybe we'll attempt a ride.

Claire brushing Penny.

Gabs brushing Penny

Auntie hiding from the camera while the girls brush Buckaroo the pony.

Thanksgiving Pre-Holiday Fun

The girls always love being around their cousins. I remember even as a teenager arriving to my own grandparents' home, giving them a kiss, walking to the phone, and dialing my cousins to come pick me up.

The Greats working on their "House of Bread" nativities. Poor Great Grampa has his arm in a sling and can't do his regular work, so he even sat and helped out. I love going to my mother-in-law's house during the holiday season. I always get a huge leg up on holiday gifts for friends. I'm always amazed at the things she comes up with.

Don't let Gramps see you tumbling on that couch, kiddo!

Practicing for the Thanksgiving feast.

Gabby and Grams - two peas in a pod.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day at the Firestation

So was driving with Gabby the other day and we drove past the firestation. She looks out the window and says, "Mom, someday can we go knock on their door and ask them if we can come in and see their house?" I told her that sounds like fun and I'll see what I can do, but I don't know if we'd be able to do that. The very next day I get an email from a friend asking if we wanted to help bring an early Thanksgiving dinner to the a local firestation and then let the kids tour the firestation. How timely! Here are some pictures of our fun day...

Out front waiting for the firemen to get back. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting... They finally arrived after we'd been there for over an hour. We got inside and started the tour and a call came through. Half of them, including our tour guide, ran to put on their gear and drove away. Fortunately the captain and some others stayed behind and finished the tour for us. All in a day's work, kids.

Here's Claire spraying the firehose.

Gabby was too shy to spray the hose, not because she was afraid of the hose, but because she didn't want to stand that close to the fireman. So this is her step to bravery - putting her hand in a trickle of water. "Quick, Mom, take a picture!" Well, it's a step, I guess.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Claire's Birthday

I wasn't sure how Claire would handle watching Gabby's special day with her princess party and all of the attention going to big sis. But it didn't seem to phase her. She knew her own special day was coming and informed me that she was having a "Dora birthday." So we had a few families over and celebrated with Dora.

These pictures don't do the moment justice, but you've never seen such excitement over birthday gifts. Every time she opened a gift she'd jump up from her chair and describe it in detail. It wasn't just a Barbie, it was "A SPECIAL PRINCESS WITH A YELLOW CROWN!!!"

As you can see, the USC football game was on in the background the
whole time - thanks to all of the dads in the room.

It wouldn't be a Dora party without map sending us on an adventure with backpack. Bella loved leading her friends around to follow the clues. Wish we had a picture of all of the kids panicking and fighting off tears when they found out they had to pass by the grumpy old troll before they could finish their adventure. All ended well when they realized the grumpy old troll was Dad.