Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Claire!

How do you explain the concept of 2 weeks to a 3-year-old whose sister just had a birthday? Claire was surprisingly patient as she awaited her own birthday celebration.
It was a Hello Kitty celebration, of course.

The ice cream cupcakes were a big hit...

...for everyone...

...even Dad.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween! Claire has had her costume picked out for months. The morning of her preschool Halloween party it took me about a half an hour to convince her to let me draw on a nose and whiskers. After the party, she was in the bathroom before the last child had left washing the whiskers off.

Toss the pumpkin. I must say, we have the cutest bunch of preschool kids in our group.
Claire LOVES preschool!

For Halloween we drove up to Tim's parents' place - here's me with my little fireman.

Gabby has had her costume picked out for months as well. She's been dying for a chance to wear this fairy outfit from her dress-ups. Costumes were pretty simple for me this year.

Auntie M with the kiddies and some smelly dude in the background.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gabby's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Gabby! For me, each birthday doesn't really seem to matter too much. The numbers 33 and 34 don't seem that different. But 6 sounds so much older than 5.
Superdad made sure he took Gabby to our favorite bakery to pick out a birthday cake since Mom barely made it home in time for the festivities.

She insisted on wearing the crown and her Ariel tatoo to school on her birthday so she would feel like a princess on her special day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ladies Only Trip to San Francisco

Tim decided it was time I took a vacation sans children. So he graciously offered to take time off to watch the kids for a few days and donated his frequent flier miles so I could meet a couple of my dearest girlfriends in San Francisco. Since the three of us are now spread out about as far as you possibly could be across the U.S., it was wonderful to spend a few days catching person. We had no little ones dictating our schedule or demanding our attention, and no husbands to roll their eyes when we grabbed our snacks and flipped on North and South. It was 5 days of heaven and I'm already planning the next trip. Here are a few pictures of some of our adventures...the ones I remembered to bring my camera along for...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Growing Up and Starting School

After a very busy summer I have decided I need to stop neglecting my blog and get a few important pictures up. Here is Gabby's first day of school. She's in year-round school and got track one, so while the other kids started in August, she just started last week. (It did give us a good excuse to take one last trip to Sea World - maybe I'll get some pic's of that up later...we'll see.) She was SOOOO excited to start school. The first day she practically ran to the school. It wasn't until mom had to leave that the tears started. The teacher said after the first 90 seconds she was fine and she came bouncing out of the school at the end of the day saying how wonderful it was. I, on the other hand, cried the whole way home and watched the clock until it was time to go pick her up. So we're in our second week now and she's loving it. No more tears at drop-off time - from either of us. But, sigh, my baby's growing up.

Claire is quite a different story. She saw Gabby cry at drop off one morning and me then told me she wasn't going to cry at preschool because she is "brave like Despereaux." True to her word, we got to her first day of preschool and she reminded me that she was brave and wasn't going to cry and I said,
"Ok, I'll just give you five and you can tell me when you're all set and I'll leave."
"No, Mom, I'm already all set," she informed me.
"Ok, can I give you a hug goodbye?" I asked.
She thought for a moment and then said, "Ok, I guess." (If you need it, Mom.)
With a quick hug she bounded off to preschool and never looked back. I got into the car and looked back and my lone child sitting in the back and again, I cried the whole way home.

At least I've still got one around to keep me company during those hours when the other two are off acting like they're big kids now. And the two of us do have a good time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Very Own Superhero

Claire has always had a very active imagination. I spend very little, if any, time helping her find things to do. She's usually off in her own imaginary world with her stuffed animals and imaginary friends. For the past month or so (maybe inspired by a viewing of the movie The Incredibles) she has been wearing her cape around the house a good deal of the time. So much that I forget sometimes that she's wearing it when we leave to run errands. I usually remember to send the kids to the potty first, and sometimes I remember to check and make sure their faces are clean and their hair is brushed, but thinking to check that their outfits look, not usually unless we're headed for church.

So we were at the library the other day and I left the girls at the table doing puzzles while I went to grab a few picture books. Suddenly Claire comes flying around the corner and almost plows into one of the library workers - a young man with crazy hair and a dry sense of humor who does storytime for the preschoolers. He just smiles and says, "It must be the cape." Oh, yeah, she's wearing her cape again.

Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to stay in town for Memorial Day this year. After a much needed house-cleaning, we had some fun swimming in the neighbors' pool and then taking in a AAA baseball game. We realized that not only had Calvin never been to a baseball game, but it was Claire's first baseball experience also. How sad is that? We had a great time.

Minor league is always interesting as far as the actual game goes. We actually saw a guy trip over his feet and fall on his face running to first base once. But it's good for family entertainment - it's cheaper and they usually have an area with jumping castles or the like for the kids when they need a break from their seats.

Turn around...

Every once in a while I just have a little "where did the time go?" moment. I can't believe Calvin is coming up on his first birthday already.

A Bird Feeder

Tim had a meeting for work up at Lake Tahoe in May (yeah, right they were working). He brought back some beautiful pictures and a promise that we were going to head up there sometime soon as a family, along with some gigantic pine cones. He and the girls made bird feeders with peanut butter and birdseed...
...and we have had a lot of fun birdwatching for the past few weeks...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We decided to start a new Easter tradition this year and make Resurrection Rolls for breakfast on Easter morning. Gabby helped me make them the night before after the two little ones crashed. I wasn't sure how well they would work, but we were pleasantly surprised on Easter morning when we broke open our rolls and they were completely hollow - not to mention they were also very tasty.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Futures in cosmotology?

One of our greatest challenges mothers is to raise our children to be independent. So you can imagine my great joy this morning when my girls came in and had done their hair all by themselves for the first time. Lovely, Girls. You look just lovely!

Feel the love - literally

Yesterday I was sitting in the rocking chair with Calvin and before long had all three kids on my lap. You may be picturing a tender scene of a mother rocking gently with three snuggling children, but you would be wrong. My kids have more "energy" than that. A knee - ouch - a foot - ouch - that's my face! - ouch - that's my hair! Finally I say, "Why must you all sit on me?" And Claire softly says, "Because we love you, Mom." Oh, ok, you can stay.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Egg Hunt!

Tim and I decided to do our Egg Hunt a little early this year. We wanted to be able to focus on Christ on Easter but didn't want the kids to miss out on the fun of the crafts, egg hunts and fun that comes at that time of year. So we called it our Spring Egg Hunt and sent the kids out looking for eggs this morning. The greatest part of it is that now they have all day to play with their eggs and baskets while Tim and I listen to Conference. So far it's working out great for everyone.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating Spring

Here's a few pictures of the kiddies enjoying Spring.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sea World

Tim and I decided it was time for a family get-away. So we headed for our new favorite vacation destination: San Diego. It was a wonderful vacation. Some may argue that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but for us, it's definitely Sea World. The smiles you see in these pictures were pretty much pasted on all of us the entire week, even on sleep-deprived, little Cal.

Here we are at the Shamu show. We usually go to this and the dolphin show several times. Gabby has decided that she is going to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up and was quite upset that we didn't pay for her to swim with the dolphins this trip. And Claire reminds us regularly that Shamu is her "...favorite animal that lives under the water!"

I was surprised that these girls who run inside and slam the door when they see a fly outside were so willing to pick up a fish and feed the Sea Lions.

Rolie polies - ok. Flies - not ok. Fish - ok. Lizards - not ok.

Of course, the fish were dead, so maybe that makes a difference.

Mission Beach

Ok, I think we should live by a beach. The only other place where our kids have so much fun is in the mountains when we are camping. Hours of entertainment...for free! If clean-up weren't such a process, we would have been there everyday. As it were, we only went twice this time.

Mmmmm, dirt.

Tim will tell you Claire inherited her love of dive-rolling in the sand from Lisa.

Gabby prefers to dance in the waves.