Monday, March 30, 2009

Sea World

Tim and I decided it was time for a family get-away. So we headed for our new favorite vacation destination: San Diego. It was a wonderful vacation. Some may argue that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but for us, it's definitely Sea World. The smiles you see in these pictures were pretty much pasted on all of us the entire week, even on sleep-deprived, little Cal.

Here we are at the Shamu show. We usually go to this and the dolphin show several times. Gabby has decided that she is going to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up and was quite upset that we didn't pay for her to swim with the dolphins this trip. And Claire reminds us regularly that Shamu is her "...favorite animal that lives under the water!"

I was surprised that these girls who run inside and slam the door when they see a fly outside were so willing to pick up a fish and feed the Sea Lions.

Rolie polies - ok. Flies - not ok. Fish - ok. Lizards - not ok.

Of course, the fish were dead, so maybe that makes a difference.

Mission Beach

Ok, I think we should live by a beach. The only other place where our kids have so much fun is in the mountains when we are camping. Hours of entertainment...for free! If clean-up weren't such a process, we would have been there everyday. As it were, we only went twice this time.

Mmmmm, dirt.

Tim will tell you Claire inherited her love of dive-rolling in the sand from Lisa.

Gabby prefers to dance in the waves.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few more highlights from the San Diego trip

Here's a little family picture after our picnic lunch at Balboa Park.

Tim and Gabby found that the trees were great for climbing!

If you don't want the picture posted on the blog, don't make faces, Tim.

We visited Tim's co-worker who has relocated to San Diego. They worked together in Boston and Gabby was happy to rekindle an old friendship. They sure had fun - so much that we never were able to get a non-silly picture.

Here we are in Old Town San Diego outside the Old School House.
Lisa's opinion: This was SO MUCH BETTER than Tijuana! All the joys of Mexico, without actually having to be in that stinky, filthy place.

We stopped by the San Diego temple. I have never been there and Tim kept telling me he thinks this is the prettiest temple. I think I have to agree, as does Gabby who said, "This is even better than the temple at Salt Lake."

We spent a morning at the Fleet Museum to escape the sun for a while. We forgot to take pictures inside, but here is one of the girls playing at the fountain outside.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food for Thought

Tim and the girls were having a talk about where food comes from today. It starts with Tim explaining that he shoots deer so we can eat them. Ewww, Dad!
"Well," says Tim, "Where do we get chicken?"
"From chickens," they answer, not as bothered by the thought of eating a bird.
So Tim continues, "And what comes from cows?"
Gabby quickly answers, "Milk!"
"Right!" Tim says, "What else?"
And Claire answers without missing a beat, "Poop!"

Spring milestones

We've been getting ready to welcome Spring - look at these cute kids!

This little guy is growing like crazy - and we've had a few milestones worth mentioning.
Cal has two teeth now and took his first steps yesterday. Good job, Buddy!

Visit from Grandparents

It's always fun when Grandpa comes!

Happy times! Gabby and Grandma spent hours playing Bunko while Grandpa chased the little ones around the house. And I wish I'd gotten a picture of the kids listening to Grandma and Grandpa tell stories - completely captivated with eyes wide and mouths open. Who knew the Three Little Pigs was such an exciting tale?