Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Very Own Superhero

Claire has always had a very active imagination. I spend very little, if any, time helping her find things to do. She's usually off in her own imaginary world with her stuffed animals and imaginary friends. For the past month or so (maybe inspired by a viewing of the movie The Incredibles) she has been wearing her cape around the house a good deal of the time. So much that I forget sometimes that she's wearing it when we leave to run errands. I usually remember to send the kids to the potty first, and sometimes I remember to check and make sure their faces are clean and their hair is brushed, but thinking to check that their outfits look cute...um, not usually unless we're headed for church.

So we were at the library the other day and I left the girls at the table doing puzzles while I went to grab a few picture books. Suddenly Claire comes flying around the corner and almost plows into one of the library workers - a young man with crazy hair and a dry sense of humor who does storytime for the preschoolers. He just smiles and says, "It must be the cape." Oh, yeah, she's wearing her cape again.

Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to stay in town for Memorial Day this year. After a much needed house-cleaning, we had some fun swimming in the neighbors' pool and then taking in a AAA baseball game. We realized that not only had Calvin never been to a baseball game, but it was Claire's first baseball experience also. How sad is that? We had a great time.

Minor league is always interesting as far as the actual game goes. We actually saw a guy trip over his feet and fall on his face running to first base once. But it's good for family entertainment - it's cheaper and they usually have an area with jumping castles or the like for the kids when they need a break from their seats.

Turn around...

Every once in a while I just have a little "where did the time go?" moment. I can't believe Calvin is coming up on his first birthday already.

A Bird Feeder

Tim had a meeting for work up at Lake Tahoe in May (yeah, right they were working). He brought back some beautiful pictures and a promise that we were going to head up there sometime soon as a family, along with some gigantic pine cones. He and the girls made bird feeders with peanut butter and birdseed...
...and we have had a lot of fun birdwatching for the past few weeks...